DSISD provides ALL students access to “high-value” learning opportunities, such as:

What is Concurrent Enrollment (CE)?

The CE program at DSISD allows a student to take college, career, and/or technical courses that earn both high school and college credit while the student is still in high school.

Benefits of Taking CE Courses

Participating in CE can help you both academically and financially because:

  • You may take more challenging or specialized courses in topics of particular interest;
  • You may get a head start on accumulating college credits that will save you tuition costs later;
  • You may finish your college program or degree more quickly because you will already have some college credits.
  • Most core courses, Math, English, History, and Science, are guaranteed to transfer within public institutions in the state of Colorado.
Location of CE Classes

DSISD offers opportunities to take Concurrent Enrollment classes at local college campuses and at DSISD.

  • The courses offered at DSISD are taught by DSISD teachers who have dual certification to be an adjunct professor with our college partner. 
  • We currently offer courses that award credit from the Community College of Denver (CCD) and Western Colorado University  
  • Students have the ability to take college courses at CCD. 
Qualifications to CE Courses

Your counselor can support you in assessing the following:

  • Be in good academic standing and have a strong attendance record
  • Have qualifying test scores for the courses you are planning on taking (ACT, SAT, or Accuplacer)
Out-of-Pocket Costs

Students are required to cover the cost of the class only if student fails course offsite. If student fails a concurrent enrollment course at DSISD there is no additional cost. 


Please note that if you decided to take a concurrent enrollment class it will impact your high school and college transcript. All concurrent enrollment classes are weighted on a 5.2 scale.