DSISD students have access to a variety of extracurricular opportunities, which include Colorado High School Activities Association (CHSAA) athletics and off-campus “Intensives” that occur twice a year.

In the spirit of ensuring intentional school design and providing long-term, sustainable programming, DSISD will not have CHSAA sports teams until the school is at full build (grades 9-12 and 400+ students) and/or until there is substantial buy-in from students and families who wish to advocate for and co-develop CHSAA programs based at DSISD. However, the school’s schedule, instructional program, and student transportation plan are designed to allow student athletes to participate in CHSAA athletics programs at other DPS schools. Students can participate on CHSAA teams that are either:

  1. The school of attendance based on the student’s home address OR
  2. The school of attendance based on the address of DSISD (East High School)

For more information about how students can attend DSISD and engage in CHSAA athletics options please email Bob Florio at