Hello, Parents of Young Chefs!

Posted November 1, 2023

Thank you from Sticky Fingers Cooking! We had a blast! 

Denver School of Innovation and Sustainable Design: Fall 2023 9th – 12th Grade

Thank you so much for choosing our program! We hope they had an EGG-cellent time!

Check out what we whipped up 🥄 together!

Want to re-create more recipes at home? Check out all of our recipes here!

We’d love it if you were able to use some of the same phrases and ideas at home that we do in class – and we know you and your young chefs will love repeating the recipes!

WARNING: Your young chef may want to boss you around in the kitchen now since they will be the experts! Humor them!

Please feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions.

Thank you and we look forward to cooking up some fun together again soon!