partners1Carnegie Corporation and Springpoint 
In December of 2014, DSISD’s School Design Team went to New York City and participated in a Springpoint’s School Design Camp as a part of the grant we received from Carnegie Corporation of New York to design and open the school. Respected leaders on the forefront of educational innovation facilitated this incredible collaborative experience, and much of our design stems from Springpoint’s 10 principles that are essential to an effective school design.
DPS Career Connect DPS_DepartmentLogo_CareerConnect-DarkOrange
With our partnership with DPS’ CareerConnect, students have the opportunity to select their own career pathways including residency youth apprenticeships, internships, elective and concurrent enrollment classes at CEC and/or school site based AP and/or concurrent enrollment classes.

Summit Public Schools, CASummit Base camp Logo

This June, DSISD staff spent two weeks in the Bay Area at Summit Base Camp. The Summit Basecamp Program provides training, technology and other support to a small set of schools across the United States, enabling them to learn, launch and improve core aspects of next-generation classrooms for the 2015-2016 school year.

As part of the Basecamp Program, schools have the opportunity to:

  • Develop a deep understanding of next-generation classrooms through the lens of Summit’s experience and theory of instruction.
  • Create next-generation classrooms that equip students for their future.
  • Join a community of like-minded educators across the country.
  • Receive support from Summit and a small group of Facebook engineers to put in place the technological infrastructure required to launch the Personalized Learning Plan (PLP).
  • Participate in a comprehensive and rigorous 2-week training program (Summer of Summit).
  • Receive individualized support throughout the 2015-2016 school year.
partners2Local Colleges 
DSISD works closely with colleges through our concurrent enrollment opportunities, such as Community College of Denver, University of Colorado Denver and the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.
partners3STEM and Enrichment Partnerships 
We also work closely with organizations that are aligned with STEM design pathways and social entrepreneurship. DSISD is excited to be partnering with Project Lead the Way, a nationwide organization that is transforming STEM education in the US. SOS is a non-profit organization that supports positive youth development through snowboarding opportunities.
Imaginarium- Denver Public School’s innovation lab. The Imaginarium team has been an integral part of supporting DSISD to develop imaginarium logo our  personalization model and make our vision come to life.