LaFortune 500

Kickstarter Fair 3: The Alpha Release

The final Kickstarter Fair of the semester will take place at Demonstrations of Learning the evening of Thursday, Dec 19. The games created by DSISD students will be one of the many projects that will be presented. RSVP here!


Demonstrations of Learning Thursday, Dec 19 Gallery Presentations 5:00-5:45pm Talent Show & Awards 5:45-7pm

DSISD Class of 2020 Graduation Ceremony Premiers on Tuesday, June 9 at 9pm
Graduation Ceremony: DSISD Class of 2020
Dear DSISD Graduate and Family!   We are happy to announce the plans for this year’s Graduation Ceremony on June 9th, …
Senior Check Out Appointments
Students/Families will select from two days dedicated to Senior Check Out. Each day will consist of 3 different options/shifts for …