Mission & Vision


To empower ALL students to own their learning, shape their dreams, and create a better world.


In order to prepare students to innovate and lead in the 21st century global society, DSISD provides personally empowering and culturally relevant learning experiences that foster the development of the whole child. EVERY DSISD student demonstrates growth toward mastering academic, interpersonal, creative and professional competencies. Through engaging in personalized learning experiences, real-world projects and authentic service learning opportunities, students become innovators and design thinkers who will create a strong economic future and contribute to social and civic well-being, both locally and globally.

How we bring the DSISD Vision of Creating Innovators to life

To empower ALL students

Access to & success in high-value learning opportunities

The learner experience at DSISD begins with providing every one of our learners with access to and success in high-value learning opportunities. These opportunities include:

  • STEM-based learning experiences: In 9th and 10th grades, all students take Engineering classes through Project Lead the Way curriculum, and Computer Science Principles. We offer advanced classes in both, should students want to further pursue their interest in STEM related fields.
  • Social Entrepreneur Business Classes: All 9th grade students take Introduction to Business learning about business through a social entrepreneurship lense and the skills and traits of a young professional which will support them in any college and career pathway they choose. If they decide to continue with business, DSISD offers a pathway towards an associates degree through concurrent enrollment business classes.
  • The ability to earn between 12 to 65 college credits towards an associates or bachelors degree through our Early College model and concurrent enrollment classes taught by our own teachers

Access to accelerated, Advanced Placement (AP) learning experiences beginning in 9th grade

Own their learning

Student driven, proactive and passionate approach to learning
DSISD emphasises supporting students with becoming self-directed learners who are passionate about guiding their learning experience. Being a self-directed learner is one of the most marketable skills in today’s high-tech and rapidly changing economy. Not only do students need to be able to self-direct in college, most top business and design firms today seek out employees who are able to learn rapidly and independently. In our competency-based approach, it is important to foster student agency, which truly allows students to be in control of their learning, and supports their advancement upon their own readiness and desire.

Shape their dreams

Voice and choice, planning for the future
In addition to fostering habits of self-directed learning and student agency through a personalized learning approach, DSISD students have the opportunity to design their future by determining what is a best fit for them based on their strengths and interests. With our partnership with DPS’ CareerConnect, students have the opportunity to select pathways including residency youth apprenticeships, internships, classes at CEC and/or school site based AP and/or concurrent enrollment classes.

Create a better world

Project-based and experiential learning opportunities that explore practicing local and global responsibility, investing in others and leading for social justice

The future innovators at DSISD will generate and apply creative energy to serve the greater good. Through thoughtful project-based curriculum design and experiential learning opportunities such as intensives and service learning, students will explore the world and apply their learning as they learn about societal and environmental issues that require active citizenship and engage in community building activities that will strengthen and enhance their social skills. We teach students to be social entrepreneurs, engineers, inventors, and civic leaders who are able to make a positive impact in the businesses, organizations, and communities in which they serve. They will be critical thinkers, problem solvers, collaborators and effective communicators who will create a better world for all.