Thank You To Our Amazing DSISD Parents

Posted: Apr 28, 2020

We want to thank all of our parents for your support and all the work you do!

Your love and generosity mean so much! Thank you for supporting us.

Stephanie Price

Thank you so much for showing how much you care about our staff … through these difficult times it is easy to forget how much we miss our community. Your gift reminds us that we are not alone, and that is the best gift ever!

Paul Garcia

Thank you so much for the generous gift card to Amazon. It was such a nice treat for myself. Made my week!

Haley Figueroa

Thank you so much for the gift card! That was so kind and I really appreciate it. Stay safe during this crazy time!

Adrienne Davis

Thank you so much for the gift card! What an awesome surprise! We are lucky to be supported by such a wonderful community! Thank you so much.

Michele Bishop

Wow thank you! What a neat surprise this is. In 15 years of teaching, I’ve never received such a thoughtful and generous gift! I truly appreciate it!

Todd Schroeder

Thank you so much for your generous gift. It really meant a lot to me. I appreciate you all so much, and please stay safe, healthy and happy.

Ariana Moore

Holy Smokes! Thank you so much for the gift card! What a generous surprise!

Aaron Sefton

Thank you for the thoughtful and generous gift!

Madeline Janicki

Thank you all so very much for this generous gift. It is such an unexpected and happy surprise during this bizarre time! Thank you for looking out for us and for your continuous support of the school as a whole, today and every day.

Abby Crisafulli

Our DSISD staff was immensely touched by the extraordinary generosity that reflects the appreciation of the community! Thank you so much for the smiles you provided to all of us!

Evelyn Cruz

This is such an incredible surprise! Thank you so very much for your thoughtful generosity. This really brightened my day and reminded me what an amazing family I’m lucky to be a part of.

Brian Adler

My family and I are so thankful for this surprise! We really appreciate the gesture. I hope you all are well and continue to stay healthy

Jason Nungaray

Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness and generosity during this time! So helpful for our little family and so wonderful to feel appreciated. We love and appreciate you and miss our students terribly!

Laura Lockwood

DSISD is truly a family. Thank you for your extreme generosity. It is a true honor to instruct each and every one of your students.

Leah Mahanti

Wow! Thank you so much for your generous gift card to our DSISD family! Such an unexpected gift and the most exciting email I’ve read in weeks!

Stephanie Burstein

This was so thoughtful of you thank you so much!


This was an amazingly uplifting gift in a relatively dark time. We are lucky to have your children in our school. Their resilience is inspiring and they brighten my days.

Rachel Alloway

Thank you so much! This is extremely generous and we will be using it to our expand our home board game collection .. much needed in these times 🙂

Joe Kremer

Thank you again for such a generous gift. I immediately spent it on headphones so I can use Google Meets easier with my family around at home.

Martha Turner

Thank you all for your surprise gift! It feels amazing to be a part of such a supportive community. Stay safe and healthy!

Randy Stein

Thank you for your thoughtfulness and generosity! Proud to be a part of the DSISD community and hopeful that students will still succeed despite our shared hardship. Thank you for your gift!


Wow! This was very unexpected. I feel so fortunate to have found DSISD. Love being a part of this family, through these tough days and the good ones that I’m sure will be on the horizon. Truly thank you!