Substance Abuse Prevention & Education

Posted: Feb 05, 2020

Welcome to our page of resources and information about substance use prevention.  DSISD has a part-time School Health Professional focusing on substance abuse prevention for all students, small groups for targeted students and individual intervention for students with intensive needs.  Through an evidence-based program called Teen Intervene students are provided with screening, intervention, and referral. Getting help can feel overwhelming but intervention is important for students.   You can contact our School Health Professional, Haley Figueroa at

Youth Connection with Parents is a Key Protective Factor
DPS Substance Use Prevention Program published this important blog post about connection and the relationship between youth who experience higher levels of connectedness as teens and the decrease in risk of mental health challenges, violence, sexual risks, and substance use of those youth.

Be the Influence

Denver Public Schools is collaborating with an organization called Be the Influence (BTI). BTI is a parent support program for a network of parents who are dedicated to doing all they can to keep their teens safe and away from drugs for as long as possible. BTI provides access to a secure database of this network of Denver parents who pledge to host teen parties free of alcohol, marijuana, nicotine and other drugs. BTI sends out bi-monthly newsletters to its parents with parenting tips and facts about alcohol and drugs. We invite you to check out for more information about this community.

Educating students about the health risks of vaping is important. Teen vaping is growing at a staggering rate. A December 2018 study found that 37.3% of 12th graders had vaped in the previous year, up from 27.8% in 2017.Click here for Children’s Hospital Colorado’s advice and strategies for parents on how to talk to your child.    Stanford  has developed  the Vaping Tobacco Prevention Toolkit to give in depth information about vaping.   

Smart Colorado is a local organization that engages and informs Coloradans on the risks that marijuana poses to youth.  The Smart Colorado website is a good place to get information on THC potency, the different forms of marijuana and the health impact of marijuana on youth.