Social Emotional Learning

Posted: Feb 05, 2020

DSISD is committed to supporting the whole child, incorporating a student’s social-emotional skills in addition to their academic success.  SEL is at the heart of how our teachers engage students at DSISD.  

Denver Public Schools focuses on supporting students with the Center for Social And Emotional Learning (CASEL) five competencies: self-awareness, self-management, responsible decision making, relationship skills, and social awareness.


A growing body of evidence suggests that mindfulness practice can benefit teens, assisting them to cultivate empathy, improve concentration and manage impulse control. Mindfulness can help adolescents navigate the challenges of day to day life. For adolescents, this work begins with educating them about their brains and teaching them that mindfulness instruction is like getting the user’s manual for their brain.  Resources for practicing mindfulness can be found here.

Restorative Practices

Restorative Practices are essential to our work with students.  These practices allow us to approach school discipline in a way that focuses on repairing harm rather than doling out punishment.  Our School Dean leads this work of training teachers and students. Click here for an article on how Restorative Practice is working in three DPS schools and here for an explanation of Restorative Practice.

Trauma-Informed Practices

Trauma-Informed Practices are a part of daily work with students.  Our team deeply understands that trauma can contribute to educational barriers for students interfering with emotional and physical health.  Our goal is to help children and become more resilient in the face of serious challenges.  Click here to learn more and for resources on childhood trauma.

Paul Garcia

School Dean