Academics, Athletics and Programs


DSISD provides ALL students access to “high-value” learning opportunities, such as:

  • Advanced Placement Coursework
  • Concurrent Enrollment-College Credit Classes, which may be taken on- site, CEC or the Auraria Campus,
  • STEM

STEM and Design Thinking Pathways

Pathway Definitions:

STEM: Refers to the academic disciplines of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. DSISD’s STEM program broadens the study of engineering within each of the other subjects. We also bring STEM education to all students rather than it being limited to only advanced study programs. 

Social Entrepreneurship: A foundation of the DSISD curriculum and a key component of our design thinking pathway. Social Entrepreneurship is the process of creating self-sustaining businesses and organizations that also generate solutions to civic and environmental needs.  

Design Thinking: Also known as solution-based thinking, is a process of practical, creative resolution of problems and creation of new and innovative solutions.

The incorporation of these elements in the day-to-day DSISD experiences are what set us apart from other schools. We will not only prepare students for success for college and career, we will get them started by providing authentic opportunities to learn and work in real-world career and college environments. All students take STEM and Business classes that are aligned to design thinking and generating solutions to real problems.

  • STEM-based learning experiences: In 9th and 10th grades, all students take Engineering classes through Project Lead the Way curriculum, and Computer Science Principles. We offer advanced classes in both, should students want to further pursue their interest in STEM related fields.
  • Social Entrepreneur Business Classes: All 9th grade students take Introduction to Business learning about business through a social entrepreneurship lens and the skills and traits of a young professional which will support them in any college and career pathway they choose. If they decide to continue with business, DSISD offers a pathway towards an associates degree through concurrent enrollment business classes.




DSISD students have access to a variety of extracurricular opportunities, which include Colorado High School Activities Association (CHSAA) athletics and off-campus “Intensives” that occur twice a year.

In the spirit of ensuring intentional school design and providing long-term, sustainable programming, DSISD will not have CHSAA sports teams until the school is at full build (grades 9-12 and 400+ students) and/or until there is substantial buy-in from students and families who wish to advocate for and co-develop CHSAA programs based at DSISD. However, the school’s schedule, instructional program, and student transportation plan are designed to allow student athletes to participate in CHSAA athletics programs at other DPS schools. Students can participate on CHSAA teams that are either:

  1.  The school of attendance based on the student’s home address OR
  2.  The school of attendance based on the address of DSISD (East High School)

For more information about how students can attend DSISD and engage in CHSAA athletics options please email Bob Florio at


Arts and Electives

DSISD values and implements arts integration in all classes through project based learning. The arts are an essential element of Electives and Intensives.

All teachers offer Electives on Friday afternoons from 12:30-2:00pm.

  • Filmmaking
  • Pre-Medical Exploration
  • Robotics
  • Student Board of Education/Student Leadership
  • School of Rock
  • Students of Color Alliance
  • Intramural Sports
  • Student Ambassadors
  • Studio Art
  • Theatre Performance


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