Student Agency and Personalization

What is Student Agency?

At DSISD, we define learner agency using the definition provided by Imaginarium: The learner’s ability – due to both internal capacity and external circumstances – to influence and ultimately direct his or her own learning.

DSISD utilizes Summit Public School’s Habits of Self Directed Learning to drive how we teach and actualize Student Agency with our students.

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Student Agency promotes key outcomes* in students that we hope to see in DSISD graduates, including:

Learner Agency




  • Choice
  • Voice

Intrinsic Motivation





Technology literacy

Information literacy


Critical thinking



Sense of belonging

*Outcomes from Imaginarium
For a report about Self-Directed Learning at Summit Public Schools


What is Personalized Learning?

Personalized Learning is an approach to learning and instruction that is designed around individual learner readiness, strengths, needs and interests.  Learners are active participants in setting goals, planning learning paths, tracking progress and determining how learning will be demonstrated. At any given time, learning objectives, content methods, and pacing are likely to vary from learner to learner as they pursue proficiency aligned to established standards.  A fully personalized learning environment moves beyond both differentiation and individualization.

At DSISD, we collaborate with Imaginarium to Develop a shared understanding of  Personalized Learning and how it connects to agency.

Citation: Institute for Personalized Learning, Rickabaugh, 2017