DSISD is a competency education school, which means:

  • › Students advance upon demonstrated mastery of competencies, the knowledge and skills required for a particular course, regardless of how long it takes.
  • › Competencies include explicit, measurable and transferable learning objectives that empower students.
  • › Assessment is meaningful and a positive learning experience for students.
  • › Students receive timely, personalized support based on individual learning needs.
  • › Competencies include the application and creation of knowledge, as well as the development of skills and habits of success.

-iNACOL definition

Students have a choice in what they learn and how they learn. By developing the skills to be self-directed, students are better prepared for success in college and career.

Because each student learns a different way, teachers are facilitators who help students identify how they learn best and helps tailor learning experiences to that student’s needs. This means that teachers use multiple kinds of instruction and learning tools, including technology, to be sure each student is able to master competencies.

Competency education provides opportunity for recuperating lost learning, identifying and filling in specific gaps in knowledge and skills, accelerating learning and allowing students to extend their learning beyond grade level if, and when they are ready.

View this SHORT VIDEO LINK on Competency Based Portfolios

DSISD’s competencies were designed in alignment with our four Qualities of an Innovator domains:

DSISD Qualities of an Innovator 3.0

















Students will master competencies through rigorous classes, meaningful projects, collaborative learning experiences and real-world application. For detailed explanation about our competencies, click here.