Early College

College and Career Readiness Opportunities

Seven DPS high schools are now designated as early colleges, and DSISD is one of them! This provides students a chance to earn 60 college credits (an associate’s degree) when they graduate high school. A DSISD graduate will have the knowledge, skills and experiences necessary for success in postsecondary education and economically viable career pathways in a 21st century economy.


With our partnership with DPS’ CareerConnect, students have the opportunity to select their own career pathways including residency youth apprenticeships, internships, elective and concurrent enrollment classes at CEC and/or school site based AP and/or concurrent enrollment classes.

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 Early College

  • Enables students to complete high school  requirements and college courses simultaneously
  • Students can earn up to 60 college credits within 7 years, (until 21)
  • Tuition free- Save money, take out fewer loans. The average college student graduates with $27,000 in loans, and the cost of college is rising every year.
  • Taking college classes for free is like winning a scholarship NOW. And you don’t have to apply for it, and compete against other students to win it.
  • Be more prepared academically!
  • Research shows that student who take concurrent enrollment classes in high school are more successful in college.
  • If you are already used to the academic rigors of college, you will have an easier transition to college. You’ll be more prepared, and you’ll be more successful.
  • Be more competitive for college admissions and scholarships
  • Colleges want to see that you’ve taken advantage of the opportunity to CHALLENGE yourself.
  • Taking concurrent enrollment classes makes you more competitive to get into more selective colleges AND to win scholarships.

See CDE’s Menu of College and Career Ready Options here.

DSISD high school graduates will meet and exceed high school graduation guidelines.