Our Approach


At DSISD, we believe that learning only occurs when students are active and engaged members in the learning process. With that in mind, all systems and structures at the school are designed to ensure a personalized learning experience for every student. Students will have Advisement classes that are aligned to career pathways, opportunities to accelerate their learning, academic interventions, Project Based Learning (PBL) experiences, internship opportunities with community partners, and early participation in the college experience through the Early College model.

DSISD is aligned to the Common Core and College Readiness standards. We provide a rigorous learning environment that ensures that students have a strong foundation in STEM subjects as well as the Arts and Humanities. Instruction at DSISD includes:

Advisory and Mentorship: Students receive daily counseling, mentorship and support that monitors progress.

Humanities and STEM-based Core Classes: English Language Arts, Social Studies, Math and Science.

College Credits: Students can earn between 12 to 65 college credits towards an associates or bachelors degree through our Early College model and concurrent enrollment classes

CTE STEM-based learning experiences: In 9th and 10th grades, all students take Engineering classes through Project Lead the Way curriculum, and Computer Science Principles. We offer advanced classes in both, should students want to further pursue their interest in STEM related fields.

CTE Business Classes: All 9th grade students take Introduction to business class, learning skills and traits of a young professional that will support them in any college and career pathway they choose. If they decide to continue with business, DSISD offers a pathway towards an associates degree in business, offering concurrent enrollment business classes.

Advanced Placement (AP) learning experiences beginning in 9th grade