Our Approach

At DSISD, we believe that learning only occurs when students are active and engaged members in the learning process. With that in mind, all systems and structures at the school are designed to ensure a personalized learning experience for every student. Students will have Advisement classes that are aligned to career pathways, opportunities to accelerate their learning, academic interventions, Project Based Learning (PBL) experiences, internship opportunities with community partners, and early participation in the college experience through the Early College model.

DSISD is aligned to the Common Core and College Readiness standards. We provide a rigorous learning environment that ensures that students have a strong foundation in STEM subjects as well as the Arts and Humanities. Instruction at DSISD includes:IMG_3219

Advisory and Mentorship: Students receive daily counseling, mentorship and support that monitors progress.

Humanities and STEM-based Core Classes: English Language Arts, Social Studies, Math and Science.

Design Thinking Majors: As 11th graders, DSISD students will declare a major within STEM: Engineering OR Social Entrepreneurship, which will guide their 11th grade internship experience, their Senior Capstone project, and off-site college coursework.

Concurrent Enrollment Classes: Offered through our partnership with colleges such as the Community College of Denver, University of Colorado Denver, and the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs give students the opportunity to receive up to 45 college credits.

Flex Block: Credit-bearing electives are offered at the end of each day. Offerings include: fine arts, software coding, world language, sustainable gardening, robotics, poetry slam, dance, and more. Many of these classes will be designed with student interests in mind. This will also be the time where students who want to play sports can participate through CHSAA Athletics at Denver South High School or their home school.