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Our 17-18 school year positions have been filled. Please check out the DPS job website and this page for new and updated postings. You may also contact or for employment inquiries. 

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Teaching at DSISD

Teachers design curriculum and develop learning experiences at DSISD based upon the Four Qualities of an Innovator:

  1. Personal Academic Excellence
  2. Life­long Learning & Citizenship
  3. Innovative Thinking & Action
  4. Transformative Leadership


The Positions

The growth of our student body coincides with the growth of our staff, and staff members have a unique opportunity to help create their dream learning environment and classroom.  Being a part of the DSISD instructional team is very different from your typical teaching position, as being a learning facilitator at DSISD draws upon a different set of teacher competencies than those required in more traditional educational environments. A few of the essential Innovator Creator competencies are listed below:

Staff Competencies

Mindsets: Growth, Personalization, Agency, Equity

Qualities: Collaboration, Flexibility, Innovation, Transparency

Technical Skills: Classroom Management, Technology, Data, Responsiveness, Connections

Adaptive Skills: Reflection, Inspiration, Facilitation

Teacher Candidacy Process

The DSISD teacher candidacy process is a multi-stage recruitment process.  Applicants begin by submitting a resume and letter of interest. Candidates who move forward in the process will be contacted for an initial meet and greet and review of the other steps in the process. Please expect to engage in written tasks, teaching demonstrations, scenarios, and panel interviews that may include teachers, administrators, and students.

Compensation & Length of Job Term –Positions may fall on traditional Denver Public School’s pay scales and/ or contracted employee agreements.

- To apply, please share your resume and cover letter with Principal Lisa Simms at and the Lead Teacher for the Department you are interested in applying to.


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