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17-18 School Year General Call for Core Content Area Teachers & Support Staff

We will vet and hire high-quality teachers/ “learning facilitators” for the following positions:

Math teacher

Social Studies teacher

Science/ STEM Engineering teacher

Language Arts teacher


The Context

With support from the Carnegie Corporation and Springpoint Schools Network, the Denver School of Innovation and Sustainable Design (DSISD) founding team will continue to build out a new secondary school model for the 2016-17 school year. This new school model is aligned to Carnegie’s research-­based and integrated design principles that build on learning science, student resiliency, personalization, and other important areas with the goal of creating high performing secondary schools that support their students to meet the demands of the Common Core. The Carnegie Design Principles of a High Performing Secondary School are as follows:

  1. Integrates positive youth development to optimize student engagement and effort.
  2. Prioritizes mastery of rigorous standards aligned to college and career readiness.
  3. Continuously improves its operations and model.
  4. Develops and deploys collective strengths of staff.
  5. Manages school operations effectively and efficiently.
  6. Maintains an effective human capital strategy aligned with school model and priorities.
  7. Empowers and supports students through key transitions into and beyond high school.
  8. Remains porous and connected (partnerships, access to community resources, knowledge sharing 
with other schools.
  9. Creates a clear mission and coherent culture; and
  10. Personalizes student learning to meet student needs.


The Vision and School

A new, small competency ­based high school opened its doors to 100 Denver area 9th grade students in the 2015-16 school year and will build out over the next four years. The vision of DSISD is:

DSISD Vision image

Day in the Life of an Innovator

A typical student’s/ Innovator’s day and week at DSISD involve a combination of learning experiences that range from participating in collaborative service learning based projects with peers in their Advisement to individual monitoring of personal mastery in the Innovator Competencies and from engaging in the core curriculum through cross content Project­Based and Problem Based Learning units of study to pursuing personalized learning experiences in the forms of reteaches, enrichments, or internship experiences.

To learn more about the daily student and staff experience please view these short video clips:

Day in the Life of an Innovator

Designing DSISD

Teaching and Learning in a Competency-Based School

Teaching at DSISD

Teachers design curriculum and develop learning experiences at DSISD based upon the Four Qualities of an Innovator:

  1. Personal Academic Excellence
  2. Life­long Learning & Citizenship
  3. Innovative Thinking & Action
  4. Transformative Leadership

Similarly, the Four Qualities of an Innovator are brought to life through the authentic content and contexts that are provided through an Early College model and the Design Thinking Pathways:

  • Social Entrepreneurship (Social Sciences Early College course of study)
  • STEM/ Engineering for Societal Needs (Engineering Early College course of study)


The Positions

DSISD will be adding a second grade level of 100 students in the 16-17 school year, as the school will serve roughly 210 9th and 10th grade students. The growth of our student body coincides with the growth of our staff, and staff members have a unique opportunity to help create their dream learning environment and classroom.  Being a part of the DSISD instructional team is very different from your typical teaching position, as being a learning facilitator at DSISD draws upon a different set of teacher competencies than those required in more traditional educational environments. A few of the essential Innovator Creator competencies are listed below:

Staff Competencies

Mindsets: Growth, Personalization, Agency, Equity

Qualities: Collaboration, Flexibility, Innovation, Transparency

Technical Skills: Classroom Management, Technology, Data, Responsiveness, Connections

Adaptive Skills: Reflection, Inspiration, Facilitation

Teacher Candidacy Process

The DSISD teacher candidacy process is a multi-stage recruitment process.  Applicants begin by submitting a resume and letter of interest. Candidates who move forward in the process will be contacted for an initial meet and greet and review of the other steps in the process. Please expect to engage in written tasks, teaching demonstrations, scenarios, and panel interviews that may include teachers, administrators, and students.

Compensation & Length of Job Term –Positions may fall on traditional Denver Public School’s pay scales and/ or contracted employee agreements.

- To apply, please share your resume and cover letter with Principal Danny Medved at (


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